Did your English teacher tell you the wrong words?

Classroom English: Have you ever been confused by an idiom or slang word in the English language?

Natural English: Has an idiom or slang phrase in English ever “thrown you off”?


This week’s English video lesson is meant to give you a sense of how classroom English differs from the actual English you’ll hear in a conversation with a native English speaker.

I always tell my students to stop speaking so formally outside of the English classroom. Americans are casual in their day-to-day conversations.

Get rid of the phrases that are too awkward and replace them with these better alternatives.


Perfect English   Did you answer the phone?

Native English  Did you pick up the phone?


Perfect English   you should really try to have the same skill ability as me

Native English get on my level!


Perfect English   I have to complain to you right now

Native English  I have to vent


Perfect English   it’s still happening

Native English  it’s ongoing


Perfect English   my job is very difficult, i am working all of the time

Native English  my job is a grind


Perfect English   that is not possible

Native English   There’s no way


Perfect English   I am going to reveal the bad thing that this organization has done

Native English  I am going to pull back the curtain on them


Perfect English   I have a problem with this behavior

Native English  I am the worst


Perfect English   If you have experienced this then you would understand it without me explaining it

Native English  If you know you know


Perfect English   I want to add something brief to the conversation

Native English  I wanted to say something

  • I wanted to say
  • I wanted to ask
  • I wanted to know


Perfect English   What was the problem?

Native English  Why didn’t it work out?


Perfect English   I like what you’re doing

Native English  Keep it up

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